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18.08 - Nesvizh Castle is as pearl of the Belarusian land indeed! The palace complex pleases unique beauty of interiors, interesting exposition.However, the catering left sad impressions: it it was not developed since the Soviet era

18.08 - Elmira Matusevich from Minsk sent their photos for our page "Miss Matusevich".
12.08 - In the section "Family trees" (Russian version only) published fragments of the genealogical tables of families Matuseviches, composed in Minsk deputy provincial noble collection, dating from 1802-1833.
04.08 - Annual police relay race was held in Minsk. The event was attended by some of Matuseviches :-)

03.08 - Renata Matusevich from Vilnius attended to restore historical justice: now " Matusevich’s Planet" has the section "Lithuania")). In addition, photos of Renata added in the section "Miss Matusevich".
15.07 - The pictures from the celebrations dedicated to 520 anniversary of the village Shack (Puchovichi district, Minsk region of Belarus) were published. The holiday was: congratulations to the villagers, defile of orchestra MIA RB, parade of the soldiers of honor guard, a lot of music and high spirits of spectators and participants. I saw the people were crying with joy, and it was great.
5.06 - June 3, in Kazan, Russia, World Cup on bodybuilding and fitness according to the federation NAC was held. Sergey Matusevich, millitsioner from the Belarusian city of Gomel, has won first place in this event. Total for first place in the category «Atletic-1" (an increase greater than 175 cm), fought 15 people. The athletes from nine countries participated in the championship Congratulations to Sergey!