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Matusevich is ancient nobiliary surname, which belongs to the coat of arms "Swan", known in territory of modern Belarus and Lithuania since 1674. By the roots is coupled to one of the most ancient family of Great Princedom Lithuanian - Hedrojtsy. However little bit later, in XVIII century, representatives of Matusevich any more did not underline the generality with Hedrojtsy, became, thus, completely by independent surname.

It is supposed, that the Surname has taken place from a name Matias (Maciej, Mateush, Matys, Matus). Historically there are some its variants: in modern Lithuania - Matusevicus, in Poland - Matuszewicz, in Belarus - Matusewić and Matusiewić.

The geography of residing of representatives of a Surname continuously extends. The known events of a beginning XX of century in the Russian empire appreciablly have sped up this process, then the surname could be met not only in Western Europe, but also America. Much Matusevich have left limits of the Soviet Union and with the second wave of immigration from USSR. Naturally, and now representatives of our surname participate in international migration processes, settling in all countries and continents. The materials, assembled on a site in section "We", testify about it.

Speaking about religious roots, it is necessary to mark, that geographical and the temporary factors allow with the large degree of probability to make output about the Catholic roots of a Family.

Except east-slavic branch of Surname exist also long since and a Jewish branch. The most probable explanation to this fact is given with the following theory. The Jews living in territory of modern Byelorussia and Lithuania from times of Middle Ages, chose to themselves surnames, which on the one hand would allow them to keep their originality (I.e. such which were conformable to any word, name etc. of their language), and with another - would not contrast with phonetic traditions of languages of local slavic (baltic) population. Confirming the first thesis it is possible to give an example with widespread Jewish name Matus (Genrih Matusovich Vagner - the known Byelorussian composer of the Jewish origin), The second - existence of such traditionally Jewish surnames, as Rabinovich, Fajsubovich, Abramovich, Isakovich etc.