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Elena and Cesarevna Solnyshko Tsarstvo Zari Eos [01.05] - April 28 Elena from Molodechno with her pug Cesarevna Solnyshko Tsarstvo Zari Eos took part in two exhibitions: the Republican exhibition of dogs of all breeds and dog Republican exhibition of companion and toys. At the second exhibition Helen with her dog won first place. Congratulations!
[21.04] - At last we have a good forum. Welcome!
[23.02] - I defended successfully thesis on the MBA degree at the Academy of Leon Kozminsky in Warsaw.


[25.12] - Merry christmas and happy new year. Best wishes!
[1.12] - Natalia from Minsk sent a photo for our page "Miss Matusevich". Natalia works as a sales manager and consultant in beauty and healthy. Natalia has four children-this is an example to be emulated, Matuseviches!:)
[10.11] - Olga Andreevna Ivanova (Matusevich) from Tula wrote to us about her Matuseviches.
[05.02] - I received a letter from the project administrator for the exploration of pedigrees Rurik and Gedyminovichey recently. He read about the history of Matuseviches on our website and invited someone from our surname to make an analysis to study the Y-DNA markers of chromosome. The results of this analysis can determine the presence of kinship with Gedyminovich's dynasty. Jaroslaw from Athens, is addressing this issue. If you have suggestions - please write to my mailbox.


[25.12] - Best wishes and Happy New Year!
[27.11] - From 2006 members of our family are actively participating in renovation and preservation of commentary Dubowo, in Belarus. More info and pictures here:
.   Dubowo cemetery is situated about 55km to the west / southwest of Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, between the villages of Jurkowiczi (Jurkowicze) and Tiskowszczyna (Ciskowszczyzna) about 450 meters south from hill 340,3 . Directly next to the cemetery were farm (hutor) Dubowo, whose name is still on maps of Belarus (see Map 1). The easiest way to find cemetery is via Google Maps or Google Earth, giving the following geographical coordinates: 53 48'02 .81 26 56'06 .72. Until 1939 the farm and the cemetery Dubowo were directly to the Polish- Soviet Union border, on the road from Wolma to Rubiezewicze. Since the cemetery was located on the east side of the road, the international boundary deviates and go around of the cemetery (border clamp 701 and 702, see map 2).
  It is impossible to assess how many tombstones are in the cemetery : there may be 300, maybe 500th. The oldest dates from the early eighteenth century, and some are fresh. Some have survived, and some do not. Buried are here residents mostly from village of Bardzie , but also from Rudziewicz, Ciskowszczyzna, Gornowszczyzna, Dubowo, Nakwasy, Morgi and Gajbuty (maybe others too). For names please check our website.
  We are planning further work in the coming years ֠as still it is more to do, especially in the eastern part of the cemetery. Those who would like to join us, please contact:
[27.06] - I have taken part in a holiday of the 600th anniversary of Grunwald battle in Novogrudok (Grodno district, Belarus). I have brought many bright impressions and good emotions.
Holiday on central square of Novogrudok
On Mickiewicz's barrowMy wife Natalia Ruins of the old lockNear Mickiewicz's memorial house
Nieman river
[09.05] - I congratulate with Victory Day! We remember victims of this terrible war!
[23.04] - Alexander from Moscow has sent a fine photo of the family. This photo has been made in Egypt in January, 2010.
Alexander Matusevich and his family
[13.06] - I have taken part in corporate action which was not absolutely usual. This program was called ̔he rope courseۮ The purpose is to intensify command spirit, to understand a technique of the decision of non-standard problems, it is better to learn about the colleagues. All has passed enough interestingly. I memorized the passage of a beam which lays at height of 6m, and almost free falling from a height 15m:-).
[12.04] - Happy Ester for all members of our family dispersed around the World. We wish you good health in peace and more meetings between our family.
[04.04] - Two sisters participate in our beauty contest "Miss Matusevich" for the first time: Alesia from Mainz, Germany (Alena's sister from Minsk), has sent the photo.
[27.03] - Happy birthday to Lubochka Matusevich from Moscow! Best wishes!
Unfortunately, the English version of the project is very bad now. Excuse me, please. As soon as the possibility will appear, I shall try to correct this situation.
About the project
  Reading art and popular scientific products, using electronic mass-medias, I have heard the native surname quite often. In spite of the fact that the people I was talking about, most likely, are not my relatives. I had genuine interest to find out about them more, to ask about a history of their family, to search for the origin of the surname, to learn ethymology of Matuseviches, simply communicate to the namesakes living in different places of globe or even in the adjacent house. It is known, that the people were always united on the basis of something common, close. And what can be closer than our own surname?
  Within the framework of the given project is creating a Internet-resource connecting people which have surname Matusevich. The contents "Matusevich's Planet" include genealogical, informational and entertaining materials, assiting in creation of a popular virtual platform for dialogue, additions of knowledge about the past, finding of the relatives, to watch kin connections, to make new friends and cheer up the visitors. "Matusevich's Planet" creating as an open international bilingual resource, constructing by the most active participants.
  Few words about the spelling of our surname in latin letters. In different languages it is written differently: in French - MATOUSSEVITCH, German - MATUSSEWITSCH, Polish - MATUSIEWICZ, in Byelorussian latin alphabet - MATUSIEWIĈ, in Ivrit - מטוסביץ. However in the name of the project the surname is written in English transcription (in "trivial" writing, there is also another - "MATUSEVITCH") because such variant is closest and recognisable (in search results on Yahoo! Altavista, AOL etc.) by our namesakes who live outside the former USSR and familiar with English. In fact, English language has the biggest talking area in the modern world and almost the standart in Internet.

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